Jack Zervos B.Sc (Eng) MBA (Bus)​



P: (02) 4321 1170 | M: 0408 444 737

ExecuCon are your business problem solvers

and that’s about as simple as it gets!

We are a team of flexible, dynamic, responsive and experienced business professionals that offer practical solutions to your business challenges and opportunities. By combining demonstrable corporate and commercial success, formal relevant education and qualifications with access to a network of other professional services providers that individually you may not have the size or opportunity to engage with our team delivers solutions to the many and varied organisational challenges you would normally face in isolation or simply hope go away, but never do!

Available to support your needs locally, across NSW and throughout Australia we also routinely travel to New Zealand and across Asia in support of our client’s needs. If you want us in your office we’re there, if you’re happy to use technology (Skype, webinars, online training) or need us to visit a supplier, satellite branch office or partner in search of a solution to a problem then we do that as well; wherever the solution can be found we’ll be there! 

Jack has managed some of Australia’s highest profile construction projects, held senior management and leadership positions with some of our most iconic brands and reconstructed generations old family businesses positioning them for a stable, successful and sustainable future. His passion remains helping businesses be the best they can be by finding innovative, effective and practical solutions to any business challenge or obstacle. “Make the trend your friend”…:”Pick your battles and only fight the ones that will make you or save you money not the ones that will cost you…. and most importantly; "work with what you have but make it work for you better than ever before and if it doesn't then find something or someone that will”… best reflect his three pillar approach that is embodied in the ExecuCon - People > Process > Performance mantra.

Jack continues to support various Industry groups by providing technical and strategic counsel to the Furnishing Industry of Australia as their technical advisor, sits on the NSW Industry Training and Advisory Board, is regularly involved in delivering or contributing to Workcover NSW education, mentoring and compliance initiatives and regularly appears in Fair Work Australia matters as an Employer Advocate with outstanding results.

No matter what size your business or the nature of your business problem Jack is always available to take your inquiry, offer a practical solution and even though it may take a few goes to actually speak to him you will always feel better (and better off) having done so!

Monique Penton - HR Advisor at Furnishing Industry

Association Of Australia

Jack is invaluable in providing advice and support to our members who need his expert counsel on matters such as Work Health and Safety, Workers Compensation and Unfair Dismissals. When it comes to employment issues Jack's knowledge and Industry experience is second to none.

Anthony D'albora - Regional Retail Support and Development Manager at Steinhoff Asia Pacific

Jack is an engaging individual who can inspire and extract the best in people. His business acumen, commanding personality and extensive experience in the Retail and Manufacturing would make him a fantastic addition to any organisation.

Marshall Mills - General Manager & Company Secretary Network Consumer Finance P/L

I had the pleasure of working with Jack during the re-structure of the business. Jack thinks outside the box, enabling things to happen, doesn't take to waffle or b/s, just gets on with it and is generally right!

Elise Zervos

B. Social Science (Information Management)​

Recruitment Optimisation



P: (02) 4321 1170 | M: 0418 514 878

Elise has spent her working career in the Recruitment Industry or working for SME’s in various training, administrative and business support roles. Her helpful nature and warmth are infectious and she has a wonderful ability to simplify the most complex and confusing processes. Elise started as a PA for one of Australia’s largest recruitment and temp services agencies and has supported some of the most successful leaders in that industry. Melbourne born and raised she studied at Melbourne University and went on to be the technical writer for Fasttrack Recruitment Software; became their senior learning and development consultant and moved to Sydney as a business analyst and project manager with the opening of the Fasttrack Office in NSW. She has trained; project managed; implemented; provided business analysis; managed data bases and process mapped for a who’s who of the recruitment, labour hire and on boarding sectors and her exceptional client references and commendations (see below!) speak for themselves.

Knowledgeable and proficient in almost every Recruitment Software Data Base and affiliated with NONE, Elise maintains her fierce client focused independence with every optimisation assignment and is a champion of choice in providing services that are usually the exclusive domain of the “proprietary we think we own you software sellers” often to their disdain but always to the clients benefit!

After the first phone call or brief meeting, any recruitment organisation will realise the value and benefits of engaging Elise to provide clarity, balance, usability  focus, skill enhancement in dealing with software databases and internal business processes so call her and find out for yourself....

Trevor Stitt - General Manager - Direct Skills

Elise has a great technicl knowledge of Fasttrack and is able to ensure her coaching and knowledge sharing is aligned to our companies strategy.
Elise's style allows her to effecively achieve a personable approach and demonstrates how to best use Fsatrack in mananging and leading the various business functions.
I would be confident in recommending Elise to other businesses.

Lisa-Maree Brown - 

Group General Manager - Connect Personel

I worked with Elise when she was with her previous employer and have engaged her a number of times since she has been running her own business. Elise is just one of those people that you want in your toolkit and in your life, she knows the answer to our systems issues almost immediately and thinks beyond the initial query to give you a holistic approach to the problem...that's rare! I am very selective with my recommendations but this is one? I didn't hesitate for a second.

Karley Whimp -

Recruitment Manager, Executive & Commercial - Toll People

The Toll People BU has engaged with Elise many times over the past few years to assist us with integrating Fasttrack software into our business. Not only does Elise have indepth knowledge of the product itself, it is her highly developed understanding of the recruitment industry that enables her to implement creative solutions to give the our Consultants nationally tools to manage their work more efficiently and effectively. Coupled with a relaxed and open communication style, Elise's workshops are informative and good fun