ExecuCon launches Recruita-P
ExecuCon launches Recruita-P

Contractor Management, Payroll, Rostering, Invoicing & More!


Going where? Getting there how? Business Planning and Risk Management.

Mentoring & Facilitation
Mentoring & Facilitation

Practical advice from experienced, successful business leaders

ExecuCon launches Recruita-P
ExecuCon launches Recruita-P

Contractor Management, Payroll, Rostering, Invoicing & More!

Not sure what you need? Unsure who can help? Call us without obligation or expectation, we love sharing our knowledge and experiences... After all, the only way to answer the unknown is to ask!


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noun  \ˌäp-tə-mə-ˈzā-shən \

an act, process, or methodology of making something

(as a design, system, or decision) as fully perfect,

functional, or effective as possible.

Recruitment Optimisation & Systems Support

Helping recruitment and labour hire organisations become more efficient, effective, customer focussed, and profitable by optimising the performance of your business systems and software (Fasttrack; TRIS; WorkDesk; Bond Adapt; in fact most Recruitment Data Bases). Don’t let your software control your business, ExecuCon helps you take back control.

Work Health & Safety Solutions

No business wants to hurt anyone, few can get their heads around the maze
of Workcover and Workers Comp challenges if they do. ExecuCon are passionate about protecting the integrity of our clients by providing “practical, peace of mind solutions” to every Work Health & Safety, Work Cover and Workers Compensation Insurance challenge.

Fair Work Advocacy EMPLOYERS ONLY!

"The Fair Work Act has been created to protect good employees from bad employers... BUT... who protects good employers from bad employees?"

We represent Industry Associations, their members, small & medium employers as well as some of the worlds most iconic brands in Fair Work matters with exceptional results; because we understand business...

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Our Successes

Sharing the victories and experiences we have facilitated for our client partners



Answers to some frequently asked questions about our areas of expertise

Inspirational Training

Optimising the performance of your business by optimising the performance of your people!